Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why oh why...

Why oh why, do places after so long of not longing in make you have to recreate your accounts. Something so easy, has just turned into on big old pain in the butt. Now this week will be spent getting everything in order instead of just creating. sighs..... I really wanted to just have fun and create!! The pains of trying to simplify your life....

I know, I know...They do it to keep down unused accounts and spammers. It's just sometimes a big old pain, to have to log into the accounts every few months. Sometimes life gets in the way and you forget about doing them, then you loose your accounts without realizing it, and then your hoping and praying you can get everything back.

Ok, Enough ranting.
Enjoy a cute kitty picture, of Miss Haven from Christmas. :)

Cotton Candy Sprinkles & Dark Kisses ~
Tara Nickole

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