Tara  Nickole was born in the fall of 1975, in Southern NJ. From an early age, she has always loved being creative in different forms. You could always find her singing, playing music, drawing or learning to crochet from her Granny. She stopped drawing and doing anything art wise in 9th grade when she had to switch school and her new art teacher told her she had no talent, and was failing her on all projects. She got back into art, in 2003 doing pixel graphics and learning web design. From there she started drawing again, and went on to try and learn all the new things she could. Making her a woman of many talents, from making candles/bath goodies to web designing and everything in between.

Tara lives in Southern NJ, with her husband of over 20 years, 3 kids( well 2 kids, and 1 adult kid ) and 2 kitties. She has an obsession with bats, even have one that has been living in their upper most window since spring, owls, nail polish, candles, coffins, books and shoes(even though she loves to be barefoot all the time). Tara loves to read and normally readsat least 2 books a day( her kindle really gets a work out). She is a lover of all things cute and whimsical, along with cute darker things. Loves the colors black, grays, cotton candy pink and blue and purple. She is an October baby, and loves everything about Autumn, from the crisp cool air, the beautiful change in colors, to everything pumpkin flavored...Yum!!!