Monday, November 3, 2014


Hello All!!!
It's Mani-Monday, and today I am going to try out some of the nail polish I got for my birthday last month.

I picked out Revon Parfumerie™ in Autumn Spice. Was in the mood for an autumn color. A nice dark autumn/holiday color. It's a nice brownish, orangish, copper color that sparkles and shines that also has a sweet bakery scent.(That's the best way to describe it. Maybe an orange allspice kinda scent??..) It smells good and does not bother me like some scents do.

So far I like it. Now to see how it wears. 

***UPDATE*** The wear was pretty good. It lasted about 4 days before it started to chip(I did not add top coat on top) The scent lasted about 5 days. Day six, it was really faint. I was pretty happy with this polish and would recommend, Revon Parfumerie™ in Autumn Spice.

Till Next Time - 
Happy Creating ~ Tara Nickole

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