Friday, May 23, 2014

Prom Dress Fix

My eldest daughter's prom dress came in, and she wanted to cry when she tried it on. It was way to big in the top area and looked nothing like what she wanted. There was no way that it could be returned and a new one shipped in time for her prom, and I tried to talk her into a different dress, but she loved the color and style of the dress, so mom to the rescue!!!

I have never altered anything in my life, well expect maybe hemming pants up. So I was crossing my fingers and hoping what she and I envisioned for the dress would come out right. The first thing I did was take the bows of the top. We both didn't like the look of it with them on. It was just strange placement and the bows were different sizes too. Second, I started by taking in the top of the dress. When I was finished, a total of 5 inches had to be taken in to fit her perfectly. Then next we had to do something about the length. Even with the hoop skirt, it was to long. That had seemed to go smoothly. For the finishing touches, we added two of the bows down at the bottom of the waistline. And the dress ended up being beautiful and just what she wanted.

Below is a picture of the before and after.(I updated the picture once prom got here.)

Till next time ~
Happy Creating - Tara Nickole

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